Beginner’s yoga props are a must to start yoga classes. Beginner’s yoga accessories are aids and correctors for physical posture.

Many people are surprised by the multitude of accessories that they have to use to begin yoga exercises. They avoid forcing on the body to move smoothly at your own pace. They avoid physical injuries at any age.  Yoga training requires the use of basic equipment to progress in each figure performed.Iyengar yoga and hatha yoga are the yogas who use the most yoga accessories to work in depth each asana. Both are traditional yogas.There are several models of props to begin yoga, they all have a very precise and distinct use. Yogimag will list below the first accessories for the beginner to buy to make yoga well equipped. Yogimag offers you more than 500 yoga accessories, the largest selection!The yoga matIt’s hard to choose a beginner’s yoga mat. The yoga mat is undoubtedly the first accessory to buy to start yoga. It secures, protects from the ground and stabilizes the balance during yoga training on the floor. This is why you should buy the model of yoga mat that suits the yogic discipline you are practicing. This is very important!The yoga bagThe yoga mat bag is the second accessory you should invest in to protect the mat from dirt during transport to your yoga session. But you don’t have to go broke for the yoga mat bag, a second-hand yoga mat bag will suffice and on top of that it will save you money.The yoga brickThe yoga brick is one of the essentials. It makes it possible to lengthen the upper limbs (arms) to reach the ground in order to gain in flexibility class after class. Most beginner yogis are not able to touch the ground at the level of their feet, it’s logical. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be flexible to do yoga, it develops your flexibility!The brick allows you to evolve progressively on its 3 heights until the day when the practitioner manages to acquire a natural suppleness. It also makes it possible to work on lateral balance for example or to be used as a seat for relaxation or as a wedge. Prefer yoga bricks for beginners which are ideally cork models.The yoga slingThe yoga strap is a very practical accessory for beginners. It allows to belt the body to maintain a posture in place without forcing or to reach for example in a lying position the hands with the feet. It can be used as a belt or as an extension depending on the use made of it. The yoga cushionThere are several models of yoga cushions for beginners.- The yoga bolster, commonly called a “yoga pillow” is used to open the rib cage to work on breathing, chest openings, chakras and some back exercises. It is used for many traditional, modern and therapeutic yogas. The yoga blanketThe blanket is part of the essential beginner’s yoga accessory. It rolls up, folds to wedge the yogi to perform his postures in the right alignment without bodily deviation. It can be improvised as a meditation blanket for certain models at the end of a yoga class during relaxation or meditation time!Yoga clothingTo do yoga, one must be dressed in an outfit in which everyone feels comfortable. Many clothes have the “signature” of yoga in terms of look, but it is not an obligation as long as each yogi arrives in an outfit where he or she is free to move without embarrassment.

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