Video yoga class: 20 minutes to circulate stagnant energy

Confinement requires, more than ever, we allow ourselves precious moments of decompression like the one offered today by Julia, yoga teacher on the MyQee platform, with a series of postures allowing stress and tension to be released.

As the confinement continues to lengthen and the end of the year holidays seem more and more compromised, some anxiety coupled with mental fatigue and frustration can begin to be felt., winter gloom, health uncertainties: the reasons for cracking up keep accumulating, risking leading us to one of the most destructive emotional burn-outs.We then take care to set up a physical and mental routine to release the pressure and we allow ourselves daily parentheses dedicated just to ourselves.With yoga, quite simply.A thousand-year-old sports discipline elevated to the rank of art of living, this practice brings together a set of physical postures and breathing exercises aimed at bringing well-being and serenity while regulating our vital energy.Balance, flexibility, muscle strengthening or even stretching: the benefits are multiple, the whole body being solicited with awareness and gentleness.Axed on fluid and controlled sequences, yoga also contributes to the reduction of stress, the followers being invited to reconnect with themselves, in the here and now, far from our concerns and other polluting thoughts.A study of oneself in short, which puts us on the path of discipline, of harmonization, but also reconciliation.

Twists and stretches to release tension

Posted Date: 2020-11-30

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